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Europe is often used as a destination for tourists. Many beautiful and charming place to be one reason. You may be bored stay at five-star hotel with luxurious amenities. A unique idea to create a hotel that was never imagined before. Here we show some examples of the wacky hotel for your reference.

Have you ever imagine to stay in the cinema? A hotel in Paris, France offers a unique design with sleeping in the cinema, surrounded by hundreds of spectator seats. Or maybe you want to feel the sensation of sleeping in a capsule that can dive in the water? Yes, it’s that you can see in Europe. Now choose your goals and feel incredible sensation …

Image Gallery

Wacky Red Cinema Hotel Design Ideas in Paris

Wacky Capsule Hotel Design Ideas in Netherlands

Wacky Concrete Pipe Hotel Design Ideas in Austria

Wacky Everland Hotel Design Ideas in Paris

Wacky Harlingen Crane Hotel Design Ideas in Netherlands

Wacky La Villa Hamster Hotel Design in French

Wacky Tinny Utter Inn in Sweden

Wacky Treehouse Hotel Design Ideas in French

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