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For people who work in their own houses, instead of going to office every day, computer room design is needed to make sure that they can do their jobs well. Furthermore, in this technology era, where people contact with any gadgets, computer room is certainly needed.

This is because to keep them to focus on to their doings and not to get distracted by outside environment. Computers will dominate the design in this room as its name implies to deal with computer work.

Just looking at computers and sitting in front of it surely is boring. Therefore, people or offices where those people are working need to make computer room design idea. The main point is to search for comfy and homey feelings.

Choose calm and muted colors for walls and ceiling in order to create soothing atmosphere, and hence people do not get stressed easily. For example, light blue color can be a choice, or just neutral colors such as white, light brown, and grey.

Because people are sitting in front of computers every day and every time they work, they need soft rug rolled out under, in order to lie their feet in comfy. Once again, choose neutral colors for coloring this place.

Support the area with enough lighting so people do not get tired too easily, in terms of their eyes conditions. This lighting can come in form of LED or pendant lights installed on the ceiling. Or, people can use side lamps for extra stylish accents.

Not only rug, people can get comfy from computer chair in which they sit on every day. It is better to choose chairs with wheeled features so people can move freely and flexibly, also comfortably for sure.

Choose soft cushions in any color people want. Multiple large screens are added as decorating computer room design idea, and surely with high end specs of those computers and gadgets.

Image Gallery

Ultimate Ergonomic Computer Setups Cool Computer Room Design

Black Computer Room Design White Blue Accents

Black Computer Room Design

Computer Room Setup Bluish Lighting

Computer Room Setup Interior Ikea Desk

Computer Room Setup Wooden Desk Blue Lighting

Dark And Blue Lighting Computer Setup Room

Large Spacious Computer Room

Neat Computer Room Design White Glass Desk Wooden Floor

Server Room Setup White Wall

The Simple Computer Room

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