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You can use a beautiful mudroom bench for your rooftop house. Actually, there are a lot of small and unique furniture to put in to a rooftop house to make it look better. However, it’s true that many people don’t like to use this type of house because it too hard to organize all the things inside the smll space. While in fact, there are a lot of furniture that can be used to beautify the rooftop house by using this type of furniture.

Beautiful Rooftop House Using Mudroom Bench

Commonly, a rooftop house is dominated by wood materials. It is give an advantage for you to decorate all the things inside house properlly because using this material actually more flexible to renovated. We can employing one corner side of the house to make a mudroom bench with storage. First, you need to make some shape become a furniture that its shape is same as the shape of hall tree bench, but it’s better to make it higher than the usual.

Second, make the bench cushion like small box that can be opened and closed using double small door right underneath the cushion. It can be use to put some shoe or other things inside. Use an old crib mattress that has been replaced its wrapper with delicate floral fabric, to put it on the bench cushion. On the top of the bench, you can make a space that function as a book or clothe storage. Put some ornaments on the its top side, using some pictures.

Small Space to Make A Mudroom Bench

Actually to make its type of funiture, you don’t need big space. You can use small space that as big as a wardrobe with a width 1 up to 2 meter. The most important thing is how to organize that small space properly. You also need to decorate it by puting some beautiful ornament and coloring its bench using soft color such as nutbrown. Therefore, mudroom bench furniture in your rooftop house will look amazing.

Image Gallery

Corner mudroom bench with cubby

Dark stained built in mud room bench

Large white modroom bench with hook and shoe storage design ideas

Mudroom bench with coat hooks

Mudroom bench with seat and coat hooks

Mudroom bench with storage

Mudroom Cubbies

White modroom bench design ideas

White modroom bench design

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