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Architecture Awards Firms

November 12th, 2013

Posted in: Architecture

Creative Architecture Design

There are many high buildings that have beautiful architecture design. It becomes a great view for any people who live near the building. For example, the Eiffel tower becomes a great tourism site for any tourist who visits France. In addition to Eiffel tower, there are still many beautiful buildings with high artistic value that are built on many places in this world.

Those buildings use specific architecture design that make the building becomes very beautiful with its unique appearance that attracts any people to see this building. For this reason, it is really know to some beautiful features that are contained on some beautiful buildings in this world.

Unlike a house, a building is designed beautifully by some genius architects. They try to create a building that has unique and beautiful shape that will make it becomes the one and only beautiful building. For this reason, any architect tries to design a building that is different than other building.

For example, the highest building in Dubai has a characteristic as the highest building in this world. In addition to its status as the highest building in the world, this building attracts many people with its modern and deluxe architecture that makes this building becomes an exclusive building for some rich people.

Traditional theme becomes a great architecture design that has many great features that make it becomes more special than any modern building. For example, some Japanese buildings still use traditional architecture that becomes a great characteristic of Japanese heritage richness.

The utilization of bamboo becomes the main feature that make the Japanese building becomes very special. In addition to Japanese building design, there are also some countries that still use unique architecture such as Indonesian, Thailand, India, Vietnam and other country that never forget about its traditional heritage in this world.

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