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For some people, they do not really care about the laundry area. Maybe the reason is because the activity is tiring and not interesting for them. But, this can be solved by using stylish furniture and décor added to laundry room. This way, exciting washing clothes activity can be done.

One of important tools inside a laundry area is to choose stylish drying rack. It is better to put the tool inside laundry area as well, so that if rain starts to pour, people do not have to be in a rush and save their clothes.

Moreover, choosing suitable drying rack design and the right style can save energy. This is because people can directly dry the clothes without the need to go other places, for example to basement or outside backyard. If the laundry room is completed with white floating cabinets and drawers, add drying rack also in white. This can contrast the color of blue-gray countertop and greyish walls.

Hanging wet clothes can be done by installing built-in drying racks. If the laundry room is in brown or earthy tone, then make the rack from wooden materials which have silver stainless steel for hanging those clothes. Combine the white walls and light woods to make this laundry area. In here, mount the hanging rack to walls and above those washing machines.

Choosing which style to do is another task of this item. Instead of installing the hanging drying racks, people can choose to add silver stainless steel bars next to the washing machines. Even drying cabinet can provide better job as it can dry the clothes in two hours.

Choosing drying rack design surely depends on people, and also depends on how they would use this item. Drying rack which is mounted to drawers on top washing machines can give different nuance and it also saves more spaces.

Image Gallery

Hanging Pole Clothes

Laundry Room Rack

Laundry Room With Clothes Rack

Pullout Clothes Drying Rack

Stylish Laundry Room With Drying Rack

Unique Clothes Drying Rack

Wall Mounted Hanging Rack And Counter Above Machines

ASKO Drying Cabinet

Hanging Pole Clothes Drying

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