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With large house area, many people will think about having a private swimming pool just for the family members. This private swimming pool can be placed indoor or in the outdoor. Before starting to build it, it will be better if you choose the suitable swimming pool design just like your taste. To decide the best, you will need to decide where this private swimming pool will take place.

If you want to make it indoor, you can use the fascinating design for the indoor swimming pool. In the large indoor space, you can build a rectangular pool which connected with the circle pool. Above the connector, you can build a yellow wooden bridge which will increase the modern view of this indoor swimming pool design.

Another small rounded pool is also placed here. This small pool will be filled with warm water which will relax you. Some white lounge chairs also completed the look of this indoor area. A yellow chair is placed beside each lounge chair.

For the outdoor pool there will be many interesting choice which you can choose. A rectangular blue swimming pool will be match perfectly with the trees around your yard. To keep your pool clean in every situation, a wide pool cover can be used to hide your private swimming pool from the rain or another thing.

Not only in the rectangular shape, but you can also make a pool with irregular shape. This unique blue swimming pool will be completed with some grey chairs and white tables near it. You can feel comfortable in this pool. A rounded glazed table also available here. It is completed with the artistic metallic iron chairs around it.

Having a nature swimming pool will be very interesting. With the rock wall beside it, the pool looks so natural. Beach chairs with orange lather will also catching your eyes this outdoor swimming pool is very fascinating. With the correct swimming pool design idea, you can build indoor or outdoor swimming pool easily.

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