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Who’s here that think that fireplace design is something important in home interior? Truth to be told, there’s just few of people that think like that. Most of people see fireplace as an area that doesn’t need to be designed, and they usually leave this area plain with no particular design.

Fireplace itself is mostly seen on its functional side rather than as decoration element. But is it that difficult to turn your fireplace into a decorative one?

Of course no. There are plenty of ways you can do to transform your plain and boring fireplace into a decorative yet attractive one. You can turn the spotlight of the room into your fireplace area and make this area way more attractive like never before. In fact, you can make it all by your own. How great would it be to create a diy fireplace design? Let’s check it out and see.

When you have an unused fireplace on your home, don’t be in a hurry to vanish it from the home design. It is actually a big shot for you to transform it into a décor ornament. Instead of tear down the fireplace, you can simply add some decorative element on it and make it as an attraction to your home design.

For example, you can simply cover the fireplace mouth with a wooden board and add some bottle of wines on it as a décor. What a great idea, right?

But if you want something more functional, you can consider using the fireplace area as a built in cabinet for you to store some stuffs. Simply add wooden board on it and nail it horizontally to create a rack. You can add patterned wallpaper on the inside wall of the fireplace to make it even more attractive. So, are these fireplace design inspirations help you enough?

Image Gallery

White Stone Fireplace With Cast Iron Door

Black Tiled Fireplace With Built In Shelves

Brick Fireplace Lit With Candles

Faux Fireplace Wine Rack

Fireplace Converted Into Bookshelf DIY

Fireplace Flower Display DIY

White Log Filled Fireplace DIY

White Painted Brick Fireplace DIY

White Painted Fireplace With Taupe Tiled Surround

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