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When you are talking about tropical house, the first image that came is a house build from wood and using traditional design. But you won’t found that on enchanting white house of Casa Carqueija architecture. Because this house design is quite unique for tropical house that have its own charm that the common tropical house doesn’t have.

Even the design itself doesn’t make the house looks like a tropical house from general view. But even with those factor, this house still a tropical house that looks bewitching and comfortable to stay and enjoying the holiday.

From the outside, the enchanting white house of Casa Carqueija look like a square and painted with white as the base color. With wooden door as the entrance, and white curtain that covering big glazed window so that the sunlight can enter easily. The house equipped with modern and comfortable sofa, including a simple but elegant kitchen.

Most of the furniture using light and bright color to compliment the dominating white color around the house. And moving again, the living room and backyard only separated by a simple sliding door, that can easily opened and closed so you can easily access the backyard. There is a green garden on the backyard with some tree and plant to give the natural presence there.

And a pool is also present in this house, located on the backyard too with some lounge chair. Even a small bar with shade is also built here to store few refreshment. Combining the garden and the small bar, you can also start a barbecue party with the support combination of the pool, big garden and small bar.
Enchanting white house of Casa Carqueija took the most modern design house and implement it into its unique design. You can try visiting this house if you are curious, or even try to making your own tropical house based on the ideas from this house.

Image Gallery

Spacious Living Room With Open Space And Integrated Outdoor Environment

Unique Design Of Living Room And Outdoor Space

Chimney And Small Kitchen Design With Glasses Table

Entrance Of Casa Carqueija With Square Shape

Front Door With Green Garden Surrounding

Frontyard Of Casa Carqueija With Coconut Trees

Integrated Living Room With Green Garden

Kitchen Design With White And Black Theme

Living Room Of Casa Carqueija With Transparent Furniture And Flower Design Sofa

Night View OF Casa Carqueija

Outdoor Room With Table And Swimming Pool

Outdoor Swimming Pool With White Tiles And Green Wall

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