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Meeting rooms are the most important place for any workplace. Because that is where every plan and proposal discussed and then executed. But usually the room itself only designed with really basic function and appearance. And to stimulate new idea and inspiration, we need to make the room to support that.

That is where brilliant office meeting room design ideas enter the fray. With the goal of inspiring the user of the meeting room, we need to make the room more inspiring and motivating for the people using the room. And make it so people enjoy and feel comfortable while using the room for creating new ideas for the company.

We must consider the space for the starter. You can’t just blindly fill the room with many random furniture. Because it won’t give a good result and you will end up with cluttered meeting room and complaining people that don’t feel comfortable using the room.

For a small meeting room, use multipurpose furniture. Like a table that have drawer that able to store a projector inside it. That way you can save space for other utility like refrigerator for refreshment, big screen monitor, etc.  Room with big space can use less multipurpose furniture, but you can still use it because the extra space can be used for other purpose.

As for the decoration, try to pick item that can give you more motivation or inspiration like motivational picture or beautiful landscape. To find more brilliant office meeting room design ideas, you can try few ways like doing a survey from office worker to find out what kind of meeting room they have.

Asking your friend’s workplace, or even browse the internet for more additional info. Remember, having fun while you trying to make a design for your meeting room might give birth to even more unique and awesome idea.

Image Gallery

Spacious White Themed Office Meeting Design With Stainless Steel Round Table

Wild Concept Office Meeting Room Design With Several Pendant Lamps

Artistic Colorful Office Meeting Room Design With Wall Decor And Orange Chair

Awesome Lluminated Office Meeting Room Design With Wooden Table And Floor

Marty Jones and NAMB's AV conference room equipment.

Beautiful Royal Meeting Office Room Furniture And Luxury Constructions

Black And White Small Office Meeting Room Design With White Round Table

Chic White Inspired Office Meeting Room Design With White Round Table

Creative Office Meeting Room Design With Purple Comfortable Chair And Green Rug

Elegant White And Wooden Touch Office Meeting Room With Round Table

Modern White Themed Office Meeting Room Design With Wooden Round Table

Simple Office Meeting Room Design With Wooden Table And Unique Pendant Lamps

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