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Many people argue that the use of high ceiling will waste a lot of cost, but the cost is comparable with the results and benefits. This is a challenge for the urban population. The use of high ceiling make the room a more airy and not stuffy. In addition the use of high ceiling will also make the character more interesting home design. Over the amount of air and light entering the high ceiling makes an idol for the architects. Here we show some examples of design of the room like a bedroom, kitchen, living room and family room that uses a high ceiling, may be your inspiration.

Image Gallery

Glamorous Living Room with High Ceiling Design Ideas

Bright Kitchen with High Ceiling Design Ideas

Colorful Kids Room with High Ceiling Design Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen with High Ceiling Design Ideas

Enchanting Living Room with High Ceiling Design Ideas

Fascinating Tropical House Interior with High Ceilings Design Ideas

High Ceiling Home Office Design with Large Book Selves

High Ceiling Living Room Design with Cozy Sofa

Luxurious Living Area with Gorgeous High Ceiling Design

Minimalist Living Room with High Ceiling Design Ideas

Modern High Ceiling Kitchen Design Ideas

Rustic Bedroom with High Ceiling Design Ideas

Second Floor Living Room with High Ceiling Design

Tropical Rustic Family Room with High Ceiling Design Ideas

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