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Laundry Room

October 30th, 2013

Posted in: Laundry Room Design

Laundry Room Is Important Too

Every spacious house must have a laundry room. You would say that it isn’t so important but you will be wrong. In most of the houses, this room is placed in basement. There are good reasons to place it there because of the noise and water spoiling all over the ground.

Laundry Room

How important is the design

You don’t have to create a large laundry room. Think of how many things you have to do when you do laundry. Laundry room design is very important. You don’t spend so much time in there but you should better know their correct order. Place your washing machine next to dryer so you don’t have to walk with laundry around the room. Create a place where your clothes will be folding. The most important thing from a laundry room is the cabinet where you put laundry products and detergents. There must be in high ground where kids can’t find and reach them. These machines must have a full circuit for properly function. Washing machines must have a draining and hoses for cold and hot water. For full functionality of dryers choose a gas one if you have a gas line and a good ventilation system, otherwise electric ones are more suitable. When you arrange these machines make sure you have enough space to move around and allow some space in front of washing machine and dryer so you can load and unload the clothes. To have an efficient laundry room, place the sink near washing machine so you can have a circuit of water. For a better design place a rod next to dryer where you will hang clothes. The ironing board should be placed in the other part of the room for quick movement. If you know how to place the machines you will do laundry faster.

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Laundry Room

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