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5 types of rugs for your home

November 17th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Floor Idea

5 types of rugs for your home

Home décor plays an important role in enhancing the appearance of your home. There are several elements which are combined in order to portray a lovely interior. From the furniture to the carpets each and everything should add to the look of the house. India is known for its textile marvels and there are certain states that are famous for its rugs and carpets. These items are used since the royal era to glorify the appearance of any flooring. In this modern world, there are a variety of rugs which are manufactured in India and are exported worldwide. These rugs are made with the finest cloth and the popular ones comprise of woollen and cotton rugs.

Whenever you plan to purchase rugs or carpets always remember to check for the fabric quality and durability. There might be certain areas that comprise stretched loop patterns or loose threads. Purchase a rug that matches with your home interior in order to highlight its appearance. There are majorly five types of rugs that can be chosen for your home.

1) Woollen Rugs

woollen Rugs

Woollen rugs are made of wool that offers strength to it. It is available in stylish patterns and you can find a large variety of designs and thread patterns if you opt for woollen rugs. Handmade rugs are quite popular in India. These are crafted with finesse by the skilled rug-makers. These rugs can be used to decorate the living room or any other room to make it look amazing.

2) Cotton Rugs

Cotton Rugs

These rugs are made with a lighter material that helps to offer a unique character to the item. Cotton area rugs of India are popular in different countries as well. You can explore through the wide variety of printed rugs that are made of cotton. They look very attractive and after wool this fibre is very successful for making rugs.

3) Shaggy Rugs

Shaddy Rugs

This variety is counted as a modern rug style that is furry and thick. Shaggy rugs India are made with wool threads or thinner threads that offer a furry texture. They are comfortable to sit on and offer a cosy feel. These rugs are perfect to match with your fashionable interior.

4) Customized Rugs

Customized Rugs

There are several manufacturers that offer customized rugs on demand. You can opt for tailor-made or hand-made rugs based on your preference. You can also state the size, pattern and colours that you wish to add onto the rug.

5) Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Rugs

Artificial grass is popular flooring decorative that is used these days to cover the outside space. It looks appealing and is a stylish way to make your house look elegant. There are a number of manufacturers in India that offer artificial grass of the finest quality.

If you want to search for quality rugs, then you can explore items at Rita International. This website has a superb range of rugs and carpets that hold the power to beautify your home. If you liked the above article, then leave your valuable comments on the page.

Do It Yourself Landscaping — For Better Homes and Gardens

November 10th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Home Design


Before you make the decision to landscape your garden including the spaces around your home, you should take into consideration that this DIY landscaping is no simple project which is going to be completed in a day or two, but may extend as long as several months, depending on exactly what you want to do.  In fact, if you really enjoy being outdoors and working in the garden, this could turn into a project that will last for years.


Not the actual brunt of the work, such as any major digging, or anything requiring machinery, but just the general changing of the landscaping ideas for your home, and the surrounding yard.  There’s such a variety of things that you can do, that once you get started you might just want to go on and on, keeping your garden a work in progress.  Here are some suggestions on how to go about landscaping your house and garden:

Draw, Draw, Draw

No garden landscaping should be attempted without first putting everything down on paper.  You begin by drawing the layout of your garden exactly as it is at present.  Use a measuring tape to determine the space between walls, walks, driveways and raised flower beds, then proceed to draw these elements to scale.  This will permit you to make plans for any additions and renovations in advance.

Once you’ve completed your garden landscaping drawing, then make several copies of this so that you will have actually plenty of copies to draw on as you make your plans.


A Little Bit of Everything

With so lots of options such as retaining walls and garden edging to name just a couple, it’s really exciting when you begin putting your landscaping ideas for your house and garden into action.  It can also be a little confusing to have actually so lots of choices pulling at you.  One thing you can consider if you have actually a large garden is adding another permanent path or two to your garden to both enhance aesthetics and make it less difficult for visitors to walk about without dodging the flower beds or vegetable garden.  These paths can be made from four basic materials, either concrete, stone, gravel or brick.

You can also build a couple retaining walls.  These are excellent as a means of holding back loose soil or even for making raised garden beds.  Not only can they be in different shapes, but retaining walls can be made from a variety of materials such as brick, stone, concrete or wood.  Another good idea for DIY landscaping is to add an additional fence or two.


Plus you can build a patio in your garden which will be excellent for entertaining guests or just hanging out and relaxing on a beautiful day.  Selecting the dimensions and deciding on what type of material to use for your patio should keep you busy for quite some time.

All of the above are just some suggestions to help you get started on your landscaping journey.  As the project moves along you will learn about and think of lots of more.  Don’t try to do everything that appeals to you, and don’t make your decisions in haste.  Sit back and relax and have actually fun planning your the landscaping for your house and garden

Attractive Tile Floor which is Suitable for Any Model of House

November 10th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Floor Idea

Cool Clean Hardwood Ceramic Composition For Open Air Balcony

A tile floor is usually used in traditional houses. Before marble and granite, tile became the most popular flooring materials because it is strong and long durability. However, tile became much less attractive as marble and granite have actually more variations on the design and pattern.

On the other hand, nowadays, tile floor becomes popular since the design and pattern has actually varieties. In addition, tile floor has actually different surface when you touch it. Here, we have actually some pictures about modern tile floor along with its pattern and design. Do you believe that tile floor is old-fashioned? After you see these references, you will believe differently.

Look at the picture. In the very first picture, you can see the tile floor has actually abstract pattern is creamy color. The tiles are arranged neatly in different shapes, small and bigger size in square shapes.

In the next picture, you will see the tile flooring is placed in the living room near a fireplace. In bright brown color, the tile flooring looks quite nice combined along with fireplace which is made from bricks and the sofas along with ornamental plants pattern. You can actually choose tile floor design like this to be applied in your living room. This flooring design is additionally suitable to be applied in the kitchen.

Let’s step into the kitchen. Here, we will see the tile floor is quite nice and suitable in combinations along with wooden kitchen cabinetry. You can choose brighter color for the tile to make the floor looks cleaner.

In addition, choosing brighter color for the floor will makes the room looks alive. If you want to have actually more attractive tile floor, you can additionally apply a painted tile in ornamental plants pattern. Look at the next picture, here is the examples of painted tile floor in blue and green color. This kind of tile flooring is suitable for your bathroom.