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SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Architects Olmesdahl Truen) along with Antoni Associates creates an outstanding work. A house in Johannesburg luxurious and beautifully designed. Many options basic materials such as stone, wood, and glass to create a beautiful modern home. The house is in a U-shaped design Glass became one of the main ingredients extravagant to get the special. This luxury home interior design continues with a sparkling. Every room in this house is designed with great detail. The living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, home office, and the stairs look very fancy. On the outside of the house there is an outdoor patio and pool are very comfortable. This is the dream house of every person. Hope can be your inspiration.

Image Gallery

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Amazing Pool and Plenty of Glass

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Charming Front Terrace

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Contemporary Living Room

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Cozy Outside Couch Area

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Fascinating and Bright Bedroom

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Luxurious Relaxing Spot

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Luxury and Gorgeous Bathroom

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Luxury Home Office

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Open Space Living Room

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Outdoor Patio by The Pool

Opulent Dream Home Design Ideas with Tall Living Room

Opulent Dream Home Front Outside View

Opulent Modern Kitchen Decor with White Table and Purple Chairs

Opulent Modern Living Room Design Ideas with Fancy Stairs

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